Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Magic Me This by Konstanz Silverbow - Cover reveal

Book: Magic Me This
Series: Eclipsed *Part of the Only Half Alive Universe*
Author: Konstanz Silverbow
Genre: Clean YA Paranormal Fantasy Romance
Cover Reveal Host: Silverbow Promotions
Release Date: August 27th 2016

To fight your fate will end in fire or fortune.

Abigail Leigh always believed herself to be boring, average, and dull. However, Caleb, her lifelong crush, couldn't be any of those things—not with his luminescent white irises, heart-melting smile, and elusiveness.  

But a missed prom date, stalkers, and strange happenings lead to the truth—Abigail is anything but normal. A child of the Eclipse, bound to protect the world from the creatures once believed to be mythical, she is thrust into a world she didn't know existed.

Zolnerowich, the vampire clan leader, is determined to bring darkness to all, and Abigail and Caleb must stop him. Traitors among them, teammates lost, the stakes ever growing . . . Abigail must risk losing her soulmate to right the wrongs she unknowingly helped create and to restore peace to the world of magic.


The first 35 Paperback Pre-Orders through the Etsy Store will receive one of these gorgeous Sun, Moon, and Star Pendants! AND a special Sun, Moon, and Star Crayon Set made by Evie the Crayon Creator

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~ About the Author ~ 

Konstanz Silverbow has always been a dreamer . . . but not a writer. Being an author was something  she was dragged into. But since that day, she hasn't stopped. It has become more than a hobby, it is a passion. 

During the day Konstanz works, making jewelry, playing the violin, collecting dragons, and learning all she can about medieval weapons. But at night she creates made up worlds and places where those dragons come to life and the weapons are used in battle."

Young adult fantasy, paranormal with a dash of romance author, Konstanz Silverbow; Proud Creator of magical worlds, fictional creatures, ideal super heroes and sarcasm since 2007!

Monday, July 25, 2016

How to add an email to your Kindle approved senders list.

As an author, I've sent many books straight to kindle to readers and reviewers. It's the preferred method for authors since it helps us to combat piracy.
By requesting you add us, we aren't accusing you of being a pirate, but rather just trying to limit the chances of it happening with as little stress as possible for everyone involved.

So with that bit out of the way, on to the "how to" of it.
I promise it's fast and easy.

1. Go to

2. You will see three tabs across the top.

Click on Settings.

3. Scroll down to the section  "Personal Document Settings" and look for "Approved Personal Document E-mail List"

4. Below "E-mail addresses" will be a link.
Clink on that link.

5. Add the email address and click on "add address"...

And you're done.
That's it, that's all there is to it. Fast, easy, and helps authors be a tiny bit more secure when sending out their hard work.

Now give the author your kindle address and wait while your shiny new book comes in.



How to find your kindle email address!

1. Remember that three tab menu when you went to
Click on My Devices.

2. Click on the device you want it sent to, and it shows you your kindle email address.

And that's it.
I hope you found this useful, or maybe you know someone who will find it useful.